Safety Rules for LRP combat

 LRP is an often very physical and potentially dangerous hobby. Please follow the below rules. If you find someone in breach of these rules please bring them to the attention of the Event Team.

  1.  All participants must follow the direction of the Event Team at all times. The Event Team has the final say on matters relating to these Safety Rules.
  2. The Event Team may appoint Referees to ensure these Safety Rules are followed. Referees and Event Team acting as Referees will wear hi-vis jackets to distinguish them from other players.
  3. No non-consensual physical contact between participants is permitted. Restraining other players is strictly forbidden.
  4. LRP melee weapons can be used for cutting (slashing) attacks only – they may never be used for thrusting (stabbing) attacks.
  5. All blows must be “pulled.” Any blow that causes bruising or pain for your opponent is too hard.
  6. Drawing of weapons across exposed skin is not permitted.
  7. Try to avoid targeting your opponent’s head, or other particularly sensitive areas of the body.
  8. If an in game mechanic would put you in Out Of Character (OOC) danger do not do it. Perform Effects only as safely as you feel you can.
  9.  Shields may not be used as weapons.
  10.  In the event of real, OOC injury, shout MAN DOWN. All participants must stop what they are doing and move away to allow first aid personnel to attend the injured party. This phrase must not be used unless there is a real injury.
  11.  In the event of a real, out of control fire, shout FIRE. All participants must stop what they’re doing and move away to allow fire safety personnel to attend to the hazard. This call must not be used unless there is a real fire. In other circumstances where the word “fire” might be used, another word should be used, e.g. telling archers to shoot or loose arrow is a good idea.
  12.  Some terrain can be unsafe for combat, due to loose footing, trip hazards or other dangers. Referees will direct participants away from these areas, but participants should use common sense and avoid fighting in these areas.
  13.  Bows and claws require particular care to be taken, due to additional risks associated with these weapons. A player wishing to use these weapons will be asked to demonstrate their ability to do so safely.
  14.  Arrows must be checked carefully before each shot. They should not be parried, but can be blocked with shields. Arrows and bolts should not be grabbed in flight and should never be thrown.
  15.  All weapons and armour must be checked for safety by weapons checkers sanctioned by the Event Team before the game begins. Any weapon suspected of being damaged must be checked again before it can be reused.
  16.  Player props, including those representing books, holy symbols, wands, instruments and a host of other things (defined later in the rules) should be made as safe for larp as possible. They should not have pointed edges, should not be used to parry or strike with, and they should be worn and carried in such a way as to not cause injury to yourself or other players under normal, reasonable circumstances. If any prop could injure another player, it should be safely put away during combat situations.
  17.  Do not OOC consume any IC phys reps unless you have been told it is safe to do so (including the contents of potion bottles etc.).
  18.  Five Oaths Team-run events are over-18s events. Regrettably we cannot allow players who are under 18 at our events.
  19.  All players should be familiar with the Non-Combatant Rules, and take special care to avoid engaging in roleplay combat with Non-Combatant Players.