Non-Combatant Rules


Five Oaths is a game focused around roleplay and costuming, but also heavily features a physical combat element. Some players may find themselves unable to fight for a variety of reasons. The term “Non-Combatant” or “Non-Com” is an official term, used to refer to someone who does not engage in fights for out of character medical, or personal, reasons. It does not refer to someone whose character does not in engage in fights for strategic reasons, or similar.

If a player is declared non-combatant either by themselves or a member of the event team, they should do their best to avoid combat, and similarly, fights should attempt to avoid them. The below rule is designed to help Non-Combatant players who are inadvertently caught in a fight due to the inherent combat oriented nature of the game. If a Non-Combatant is about to be struck, or has been struck, they should call “Non-Combatant”, move to an OOC safe location away from any group combat (if necessary) and drop to 0 Body hits on their torso.  The Non-Combatant’s character may be attacked further at this time in a safe and no-contact manner. These situations must be monitored carefully by a Referee to ensure OOC safety and fairness. Casting Spells into an active fight is considered a combative action for the purposes of OOC safety, and so should not be done by players who are Non-Combatants.

The Event Team will attempt to brief monster parties on those players who are currently Non-Combatants so that combat can avoid them accordingly. We would also require that those people who are intending to be Non-Coms inform the Event Team at the start of an event. If a player feels it necessary to declare themselves Non-Com partway through an event, they must inform the Event Team as soon as possible.

We would recommend all players who expect to be Non Combatant on a permanent basis to consider playing Peacesworn. Please note that this option is designed for people who need to avoid OOC physical contact, and is not intended to minimise IC risk.