The Five Realms

The Five Realms of Tirneach are the principal setting for Five Oaths events. Characters are assumed to be from one of the Five Realms, although your character can be from further afield with Event Team approval.

You can read more about each of the Five Realms below:

Baol – The Proud Realm

Bruid – The Hardy Realm

Draíod – The Learned Realm

Siabhal – The Heart of the Realms

Uasa – The Crown Realm

History of the Realms

The Five Realms has a long and storied history. You can find some the highlights here. For reference, Cumhacht na Réig was formed (and the game began) in 797 TR.

The First Réig of legend, who brought the Shaper to Tirneach and forged the Five Realms eight hundred years ago.

Important Battles fought by the last réig, Maeláine Uí Chonchobhair.

The Season of Uncertainty following the death of the last réig, Maeláine Uí Chonchobhair. From 798-799 TR there was chaos, as Gwyllt rampaged across the land.

Tirneach Society

Law and Order in Tirneach covers how disputes are resolved in Tirneach.

Marriage in Tirneach expands on a variety of unions within the setting.

Adoption in Tirneach is commonly practiced and well established.

The Tiarnaí and High Families is an overview of the high and mighty of Tirneach.

The Calendar in Tirneach is quite different from our own, being mostly concerned with seasons.

Trade and Commerce in the Five Realms breaks down the economy of Tirneach.

The Peacesworn are those who have taken the powerful oath of peace, and may be of interest to those who want to play non-combatant characters.


Other Setting collects some miscellaneous setting articles.