The Species

There are nine playable species in the world of Five Oaths.

You can read more about each of them below:

Creidhe, renowned menders and tinkerers, with an insatiable curiosity for how things work.

Drakeblooded, descendants of powerful creatures that once guarded the land.

Fathach, beings made of stone animated by magic to serve a purpose for the Vartach.

Firetouched, passionate recent arrivals from a faraway shore, with a reputation for music and trade.

Human, infamously reckless crafters and innovators.

Krieger, warriors from across the sea to the west, famed for their joy and love of battle.

Leasiar, the longest lived species, often reputed to be the greatest diplomats, artisans, and farmers.

Vartach, underground-dwelling mages and scholars with a rigid caste system.

Wildling, those with the strongest connection to nature in all of its forms, with a reverence for stories.