How to get started

So, someone has suggested that you come to one of our games and you’re wondering what you need to know first? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Why not start by reading our New Player Guide?


Like all games, we have some rules that everyone needs to follow. The most important ones you’ll need starting off are the Code of Conduct, the Safety Rules for LRP combat and the rules introduction, as they talk about the basic rules you’ll need to safely participate in an event. Game Rules is a bit of a longer one, but it will help you understand how the game works. Don’t worry if you don’t read or remember everything, we’ll remind you of important safety rules before the game and you can always ask a referee at the event if there’s anything you’re not sure of.

Attending an event

We run three weekend long events each year. Our next event is happening on August 19-21, 2022. You can choose to attend as a player or a “monster”. If you choose to play an event, you’ll spend most of the event playing a character that you make up yourself (and you’ll definitely want to check out the next section to learn how to do that), and spend a few hours playing characters invented by the plot team, like bandits, traders and maybe even the odd zombie, to make your fellow players lives interesting.

If you choose to “monster” for the weekend, you’ll spend most of the weekend playing characters provided to you by the plot team as mentioned above, and you’ll have a few hours to go out as your own character if you’ve made one. It’s a good way to learn more about the game and try out different kinds of characters with different abilities before you settle on one.

Creating a Character

LARP games are all about creating stories together, and creating a character is the first step in adding your own stories to the world. Here’s a guide to creating your character. Got some ideas? Good.

You’ll need to make an account on Here you can enter details about your character’s skills and answer some questions about their background.

Once you submit your character plot team will read through it. They might come back to you and ask for extra details or ask you to change something. This will help tie your character into the world and prevent situations where two people’s backgrounds contradict each other.

Getting a costume together

While dressing up is a big part of the fun for some, others find figuring out what to wear daunting. Here’s our rough guide to figuring out your first costume.