List of Character-Generated Effects


Call: (Category) Bane

This Effect is instantaneous. A fearsome blow specifically designed to strike at the vulnerabilities of an enemy. When striking an unarmoured location of the Category stated (Beast, Gwyllt, Mortal, or Undead) the location is destroyed, going to -1 Body hits.

If a Bane Effect strikes an armoured location 1 point of Damage is dealt to that location. Similarly, if the Bane strikes an unarmoured location and the target is not of the stated Category, they take the Single Damage Effect instead. This Effect cannot be combined with the Damage Effect.



Call: Charm (Duration)

For the duration of the Effect, the target of this Effect becomes well disposed to the source and treats them as a close friend, will not strike them, and will defend them from anyone attempting to harm them. This Effect ends if the source deals damage to the charmed target.



Call: Cure (Effect)

This Effect is instantaneous. The target of a Cure Effect has the specified Effect removed if they are under it, but will not be protected from any future iterations of that Effect.



Call: Zero/Single (Location)

This Effect is instantaneous. 0/1 is removed from the target’s hits on the called location, starting with Armour, then Body. Players are not required to call Single Damage for basic weapon blows.



Call: Daze (Duration)

The target is confused for the duration of the Effect. They cannot voluntarily walk or run, cannot strike anyone, and cannot concentrate. They can still talk, and can still defend themselves from strikes.



Call: Detect (Target group)

This Effect is instantaneous, when a character who is within 10 metres of the source of the effect is a member of the target group or has an item of the target group they must say “Ping” in a loud clear voice. In character, this Effect causes this noise, so everyone around the Detected character is aware of the Effect. This Effect will work against targets under the Effect of Ward, and will not remove a charge of the Ward.



Call: Diagnose

This Effect is instantaneous and has a range of 5cm from an unresisting target. They should OOC tell the source how many Body hits they have left on each location as well as the character’s maximum Body hits on each location, current and maximum Vigour, as well as if they are under the Effects of Disease, Venom, or if they are bleeding. In addition, a Referee may tell the source about special Effects that the target is suffering from. This Effect will work against targets under the Effect of Ward, and will not remove a charge of the Ward.



Call: Disease

This Effect is instantaneous. The target of Disease suffers a detriment to the Healing Effect. Any Healing that would cause the target’s Body hits to rise above 0 causes them to rise to 0 only. This includes the Healing Effect granted by the Recovery mechanic. This Effect remains in place until a Cure Effect is called on the target, or until Time Out is called.



Call: Executing

A character may concentrate on an unresisting, bleeding target within melee strike range and repeat the OOC call “Executing” at an audible level for 30 seconds. They may then strike with a call of “Execute” and instantly kill that target at the end of the 30 seconds. Attempting to generate an Execute Effect on an invalid target will get a “No Effect” response at the end of the process. All characters can generate this Effect if they have a melee weapon drawn.



Call: Fear (Duration)

The target becomes filled with dread towards the source of this Effect for the duration of the Effect. For the duration they will do their best to get as far away as possible from the source of their Fear, including striking any allies who try to prevent their escape.



Call: Fumble (Location)

This Effect is instantaneous. The target is forced to drop any items held in the target location. Items may not be caught until they have fallen on the ground. If you have an OOC reason for not wishing to drop the affected item you may choose to let the item hang limp for 10 seconds. During this time it may not be used in any way and blows that strike it are treated as having struck the location holding it.



Call: Halt (Duration)

The target is frozen to the spot for the duration of the Effect, and may not move, speak, or take any actions. They are still aware of their surroundings.



Call: Healing 1 (Location)/Full Healing (Location)

This Effect is instantaneous. The target recovers a number of Body hits equal to the amount stated by the generator of this Effect. This number may be 1, or it may be “Full”, which restores all Body hits to the location.



Call: Identify

This Effect is instantaneous. You gain knowledge of the properties of a lammied item without attuning to that item.



Call: Lure (Duration)

For the duration, the target of this Effect becomes fixated on the source of the Effect and can do nothing but move towards it at normal walking speed, altering their path if the source moves locations, and remaining motionless when they reach the source. Being struck by the Damage Effect will not break the Lure Effect. Please note: Grappling/restraining people is not permitted.



Call: Mindslash

This Effect is instantaneous. The Effect breaks the concentration of the target.



Call: Mute (Duration)

The target is silenced. For the duration of the Spell the character cannot perform any vocal action including casting Spells. They may still generate weapon blow Effects, or other actions which require concentration.


Notice Bleeding

Call: Notice Bleeding

Any character may look at another character within 1 metre for 10s of concentration and determine if they have any locations which are bleeding. The player does this by pointing at the character and calling “Notice Bleeding”. A character with locations on -1 Body hits will respond by stating the locations that are bleeding. A characer that is not bleeding will respond by saying “Not bleeding”. Notice Bleeding will work on a character under the Ward Effect, but does not remove a charge from Ward.



Call:Protection (Effect) (Duration)

The target is protected from the specified Effect for the duration, and should call “No Effect” to any instances of it while protected. This does not remove any instances of any Effect they are already under when they get take the Protection Effect.



Call: Push

This Effect is instantaneous. A force pushes the character. The target is pushed directly away from the source for 10m. During this time they may defend themselves. Once the target has moved 10m from the location of the source at the time of casting, they may come back (note this Effect does not have a duration). If a player is OOC unable to move as directed by the Push Effect due to something blocking you (such as a wall or OOC unsafe terrain) they must stop at the blocking terrain for 10 seconds.



Call: Rampage (Duration)

The target is filled with uncontrollable rage. For the duration they will strike the closest being to them, including their allies, to the best of their ability and continue either until their target has escaped beyond reasonable pursuit or their target is downed. If they cause a creature to fall unconscious, they will either move to strike the next closest creature, or if there is no other creature close by they will use the Execute call on the downed creature.



Call: Rend

This Effect is instantaneous. The location struck with this Effect begins to bleed and the character gains Immunity Healing. The character can use the location as normal (depending on the number of Body hits) but the location is also bleeding. Your character is in their deathcount as if the location was at -1 Body hits. The response to a Diagnose call is the number of Body hits remaining and bleeding. A Stop Bleed that affects the location will end the Rend Effect.




Call: Repair (Armour location)/Repair (Item)

This Effect is instantaneous. When this Effect targets a character’s armour, the target character’s Armour hits on the target location are restored by 1. This cannot increase the target’s Armour hits above the total allowed by their Feats and any bonuses given by magic armour. When this Effect targets a weapon, shield, or other item which has been affected by Shatter, it will become usable again.


The Repair Effect can be delivered manually by all characters on weapons, shields and other items, however armour can only be repaired by a character with the correct Feat (see the Way of Leather and Steel in Chapter 4). The Repair Effect is done within touch range and requires 1 minute of roleplayed action of handling and fixing the armour, weapon or shield. Generating the Repair Effect is an action which requires concentration and standing stationary.



Call: Shatter

This Effect is instantaneous. Weapons, shields and items are cracked and broken, making them useless. If a weapon or shield is shattered it becomes unusable until repaired. The special properties of items cannot be used if the item is shattered.



Call: Sleep (Duration)

The target falls to the ground, asleep, for the duration of the Effect. If the target takes the Damage Effect after the start of the Sleep Effect, the Effect ends immediately. While asleep a character is unconscious, unable to take any other actions, and is unaware of what is IC happening around them (players should still stay aware of what is OOC happening around them for safety reasons).


Stop Bleed

Call: Stop Bleed (Location)

This Effect is instantaneous. This Effect has a range of 5cm from the target unless otherwise specified. The target’s Body hits on the target location are restored to 0 Body hits if on -1 Body hits.



Call: Strikedown

This Effect is instantaneous. The target is made to fall to the ground. Their torso must fall on the ground before they can get back up. If it is OOC unsafe to do so, they may kneel down and not take any offensive action (including Spellcasting) for 5s instead.



Call: Sunder

This Effect is instantaneous. If this Effect targets a location that location’s Armour hits are reduced to 0. If the location’s Armour hits were already at 0, then the location is taken to -1 Body hits. This Effect cannot be combined with a Damage Effect.



Call: Through

This Effect is instantaneous. This Effect allows a combined Damage Effect to ignore the target’s Armour hits and directly affect their Body hits, leaving Armour hits unhurt.



Call: Venom

This Effect is instantaneous. The target of a Venom Effect has their deathcount length reduced by 120 seconds. If a character is in their deathcount when struck by Venom, the reduction does not happen until they leave their current deathcount. This reduction stays in place until Time Out or until the application of a Cure Effect, whichever comes first.



Call: Ward (Number)

This Effect is instantaneous and may only be cast on the source. A barrier of invisible magical energy surrounds the character casting the Spell. This energy, or Ward, protects the character from any ranged Effect not delivered by weapon blow that would normally affect them (Except Drop, Diagnose and Notice Bleed). The number in the Ward call is the number of times the character will be protected by the Ward, this is the “charges” that the Ward Spell has. A character should respond “warded” if their Ward protects them from an Effect in this way, and one charge in their Ward is removed. The number of charges on the Ward is determined by the Spell that grants it.

A Ward Effect expires when all charges are removed, or if the character willingly drops their Ward. A warded character cannot regain Vigour.