Figuring out what to do about costume can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never played a LARP game before, but we’ve all been there and we’ve got you covered
Here’s a list of vendors and indie/custom makers kindly compiled for us by the wonderful Niamh “Noodle” Carey:
Some good makers:
So maybe you’re crafty and you want to take the opportunity to flex your sewing skills, or maybe you’re a bit broke and that old bedsheet is looking awfully like a peacesworn tabard right now. Here are some easy projects you can start with:
A tabard! Not just for Peacesworn, with some changes in fabric they can be anything from a stealthy Wildling ranger’s garb to a flamboyant Firetouched party outfit. This one doesn’t need a sewing machine and is pretty simple for a beginner
A T-Tunic. Easy to sew, and good for adding those all-important warm layers
Giant baggy pants (Note from Head of Game – I’ve made these several times in different fabrics for different systems. They’re  easy to fit to any body type. I’ve always done them with a sewing machine, but someone with more patience than me could probably do them by hand)
It’s well worth checking out commercial sewing patterns like Simplicity or Buttericks as they have costume and historical patterns, some of which will fit right in. It’s also worth noting that if you’re one of the many students who play our game, you can get a student discount at Hickeys, who sell fabric, patterns and other sewing supplies.
You are not alone, friend. Charity shops are a really good bet. Here’s an example of a cheap kit challenge done for a different system, but would work nicely in our setting, maybe for a character from the highlands of Baol or from the wilds of Bruid (the costume price works out at about 23.50 in euro). If you’re Dublin based, George’s street has a good few charity shops all in a row, and the Vincent’s shop is particularly good for menswear, which many charity shops are a little light on. Also Penneys can be surprisingly good, particularly in the summer. Look for embroidered “peasant” shirts, long skirts and loose linen trousers in the Ladies section. In the men’s section, keep an eye out collarless shirts, jumpers and joggers in appropriate colours. Don’t be afraid to shop in a section you don’t normally go to, no one notices. They’re also handy for costume jewellery and cheap belts. If you’re getting stuck, ask more experienced players, they’ll be happy to give you a steer.