Effects Quick Reference Guides, First Aid, and Camp Volunteers

Hello all! We’re hard at work nailing down encounters for the weekend and prepping to roll out on Friday, so in advance of our Monstering form and event guide we have a few quick announcements:

Effects Cheat Sheet

The Event Team has assembled a quick-reference sheet that includes the most common effects you might get hit with over the event- It’s not a 100% authoritative document (that’s the rulebook), but it should serve as a quick-reference for folks looking to prepare for A Season of Smiling:


First Aiders and Five Oaths

As with previous events, we’re looking to ensure a degree of first aid coverage at the coming event: If you are a qualified first aider, and are attending our event, let us know at info@fiveoaths.com with any relevant qualifications, and if you are willing to act in a First Aider role should it come up at the event.

IC Camp Layout and Volunteers

We’d like to thank our players for the fast and enthusiastic response to our call for IC tents– We’ll be reaching out in the coming days with details on where each of you will be camped out and the layout of the IC area. In the meantime, we’re looking for volunteers who would like to help out before time in with getting the IC camp set up: Your role will be to direct folks to their position in the IC camps, and make sure tents being set up align with our plan. You will not be required to physically erect tents, and no further aid will be needed after this, so you can enjoy the whole event. If you’re interested in lending a hand with this, email info@fiveoaths.com with the subject line ‘Tent Marshal’ to express your interest.