We Are Postponing A Season of Scrutiny

Earlier this week we visited the venue for our game (Collon Scoutcamp) to perform a site walk and assess the state of the campsite. Due to recent weather and use of the site, there were concerns over waterlogged sections of the camping area, along with deep mud coverage outside of the player camp in the woods beyond.

Subsequent site walks have confirmed that the site has deteriorated further to the point where an event would not be feasible: Large pools of water cover the camping area, drainage ditches have overtopped with water, muddy patches are extensive and dangerous. The site’s owners have also expressed concerns that a large amount of foot traffic would cause the state of walkways, fields etc to deteriorate further.

There is more rain forecast to come on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. As such, we are postponing the event with immediate effect. Do not travel to the site on Friday.

Where do we go from here

Collon Scout Camp has offered to change the date of the booking. This is why we have postponed, rather than outright cancelled the event. Working around event team availability, other LARPs in the UK, and our own event schedule means that we are looking at either the weekend of the 10-12th or the 17-19th of May. Once we have a date locked in, it will be made public: If you have purchased a ticket you will have an email containing form where you can indicate your preference.

If neither of these work we are happy to either refund you in full for your ticket, or roll your ticket forward to our Summer event- Just email us at info@fiveoaths.com with your preference.

A Note From the Team

We were really, really looking forward to returning to Uasa with you all: Circumstances have made it such that for the moment, that return is delayed.

We’d like to ask that folks be patient with us: We intend to turn this situation around as best we can, but we appreciate that this is derails a lot of plans, a lot of travel, and a lot of annual leave that folks have booked. We would not have taken this difficult decision if there was any way to salvage the situation, and our hearts go out to our players.

Just as you put a lot into your characters and play in the world of Five Oaths, the team put so much of themselves into this world, and to have it fall out from under us so close to the start of the season is a disappointment to us just as much as it is for our attendees.

Be kind to each other, stay safe and we’ll see you in Uasa soon.

Tadhg, Allan, John, Morgan, Cian and Dean

The (damp and muddy) Five Oaths Team