Five Oaths

Update to Consumable Items

Hello folks! Thank you for your patience with us as we enter the long dark of winter, with no LARP to keep us going. We’ll be rolling out a few posts in the coming weeks with important updates, discussions, and news regarding Five Oaths LARP, and we’d like to open with some rules updates regarding consumable items.

Going forwards, consumable items (items marked with a (c) in the crafting lists) will no longer expire over time.

This includes, but is not limited to, all Alchemical potions that can be made with the Alchemist feats, and any crystals or other single-use items from the Arcanist crafting feat path. All other items (Durable items) will continue to expire after 3 events.

Why are we making this change?

We’ve noticed that crafters, particularly alchemists, only make items on commission when needed by other players- This means that there’s little incentive to keep a stock of items on-hand as a crafter (aside from ‘always useful’ items like Vigour potions). We’ve also found that a consumable making it to the end of its lifetime and expiring is not a very fun experience, particularly if that consumable took a large number of ingredients to make.

Additionally, this will allow for better inventory tracking on our side: No longer will we have to track whether a character has Tonic Potion Number 321, 123, and 456, instead we can just record that this character has 3 Tonic Potions in their inventory.

How will this work?

We will introduce this for the current downtime period. If you have a consumable item that is still valid (ie, it did not expire at the end of the last game), it will be considered to be valid going forwards. The process of amending this in the database will be undertaken over the long dark.

This is not to be addressed IC: It’ is not part of a plot, nor do we intend to lampshade this in play. Things have simply changed on the mechanical side of the game. This will be reflected in the next version of the rulebook.

We reserve the option to introduce consumables that do expire over time in play, but unless specified otherwise, consumable items will no longer expire.

This Impacts My Current Downtime

If this change affects you, simply re-submit your downtime with your new crafting choices. Downtimes will close on November 25th, and you can find more info on how to submit your downtime here.

If you have any questions on any of these changes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re still working through a considerable backlog at present, but all inquiries will be dealt with in good time.