Tickets for A Season of Recovery Now On Sale! (Also Downtime Reminder)

Hot off the heels of A Season of Scrutiny, tickets for our next event are now on sale!


July 5-7

In the Spring 801 TR the Riding of Dun Hale was wiped out by the Smiling Gwyllt, the buildings remain intact but the people that lived in the various settlements of Dun Hale were consumed by that ravenous monster.

Cethern Mac Fintain has been announced as the new Rider of Dun Hale, and their first action has been to hire Chumhacht na Réige to clear the Riding of the monsters that have crept in while it lay empty so that Dun Hale might be resettled and become a thriving Riding once more.

As the band sets up their camp on the 49th day of Summer 802 TR and learns of the threats they need to eliminate over the coming days, the Recovery of Dun Hale rests on their shoulders.

Downtimes Are Also Open!

Downtimes have opened for Spring 2024! They will remain open until 23.59, Sunday June 2nd! If you’re having trouble getting your downtime sorted, don’t hesitate to let us know at

Insurance and Five Oaths

As of just before A Season of Scrutiny, Five Oaths has had to change insurance providers for our public liability insurance. Before now we were covered by Country Sports Ireland, but now our memberships are held by Country Cover Club. If you purchased insurance just before A Season of Scrutiny, your policy was made out by Country Cover Club, and this was communicated to players in advance of A Season of Scrutiny.

We’d also like to announce that via our new insurer, we are continuing our policy for those new to the game: If it is your first, second, or third event with us you do not require insurance, and are covered as a guest of the game. If you attend your fourth or future games, you will need to purchase insurance via Country Cover Club- If you need this, contact us at and we can get you set up with a discount for our club membership with Country Cover Club.