Summer 2022 Event – A Season of Renewal

When: Friday 19th – Sunday 21st of August 2022

Where: Collon Scout Camp, Collon, County Louth

What’s happening?

Tirneach is still reeling from the events of the Season of Uncertainty. The coronation of the new Réig Tiernan Mac Aonghusa has brought a veneer of peace, but all over the Five Realms there are still major disturbances and many fear a return to chaos.

Siabhal has always prided itself on being the most civilised and peaceful of the Realms, but this pride was badly mauled with the attacks on Barr and, even worse, on Iomra. Éalthna Ní Órfhaiche, the erstwhile contender for the throne, must now attend to the troubles in their own Realm. News has spread of attacks by savage beasts all along the Grey Lands, the border between Siabhal and Uasa, which many are attributing to the influence of the Gwyllt. Iarla Éalthna has hired the band to put an end to these threats and restore peace to the Grey Lands.

Cumhacht na Réige has proved its mettle during the Season of Uncertainty, and the gallóglaigh band has now been reconsecrated on the holy fields of Corroch. With a new Thane and a new sense of purpose, the band marches northwards to answer the call of the Iarla of Siabhal, and put the Heart of the Realms to rights.

The Event Guide is available here.

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Player Weekend Ticket – 50 Euro

This ticket entitles you to play the full weekend event of Five Oaths: A Season of Renewal as your character. You will be required to monster one slot across the weekend.


Monster Weekend Ticket – 20 Euro

A Monstering ticket has you playing our NPCs and monsters across the weekend with some time spent in-character as your character, if you so wish. You can read more about monstering here.


Player Day Ticket (Saturday) – 30 Euro

Due to popular demand, we are introducing a day ticket: This allows you to play the full Saturday of the event.


Insurance Cover – Five Oaths

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