List of Referee-Generated Effects

The following are OOC calls that characters may never prevent or be immune to in any way. These calls may only be made by a Referee.

 Time In

This indicates that play has begun for the day, and the game area is to be considered In Character (IC). This call is also used to end a Time Freeze and resume play.

When Time In is called at the beginning of the gameplay for that day, all characters who were still alive at Time Out the night before come into play with full Body hits, Armour hits, and Vigour.

 Time Freeze

This indicates that play is to be paused in the area until further notice from a Referee, who will resume play with the Time In call.

 Time Out

This Indicates that play has ended for the day. The game area is to now be considered Out of Character (OOC).


Your character immediately enters an unconscious state. Your Body and Armour hits cannot be discerned and a Diagnose Effect targeting your character should receive the response “Indeterminate”. The Referee who called you to Drop will brief you on your character’s new status as soon as possible.