The Way of Power


Feat Name Keyword Requires
First Level Casting Power Nothing
Spellcraft Multiple, Power First Level Casting
Second Level Casting Power First Level Casting
Third Level Casting Power Second Level Casting
Fourth Level Casting Power Third Level Casting
Fifth Level Casting Power Fourth Level Casting


Requires Nothing


First Level Casting

(Requires: Nothing)

Keyword: Power

You learn two first level Spells.


Requires 1 Feat



(Requires: First Level Casting)

Keyword: Multiple, Power

This Feat can be taken multiple times. You learn a Spell of a level that you can already cast.


Second Level Casting

(Requires: First Level Casting)

Keyword: Power

You learn two second level Spells.


Third Level Casting

(Requires: Second Level Casting)

Keyword: Power

You learn two third level Spells.


Fourth Level Casting

(Requires: Third Level Casting)

Keyword: Power

You learn two fourth level Spells.


Fifth Level Casting

(Requires: Fourth Level Casting)

Keyword: Power

You learn two fifth level Spells.


There are three schools of magic: Enchantment (En), Evocation (Ev), and Transmutation (Tr). Spells marked with a (C/) may not be taken by Peacesworn.

We have replicated the spellcasting rules here for ease of reference: to cast any spell you must use the following vocals. The parts in bold are mandatory and must be said word for word, the parts within brackets are flexible and up to the player to decide, once they follow the outlined theme.
I call upon the power of (chosen source) to (brief description of desired outcome) and cast (Spell Effect+ any relevant modifiers like mass, location/global, time duration, and target group).

Some suitable examples include “I call upon the power of the Shaper to send you on to earn your glory and cast Global Heal 1” and “I call upon the power of the land itself to turn friend into foe and cast Rampage 10s”.

Some spells are “instant” and do not require these casting vocals. These instant spells include “Global Stop Bleed” and “Mindslash”, and instead should just be cast with “Instant cast (Spell Effect)”


First Level Spells (Cost 1 Vigour)


Charm 10s (C/En) Cure Charm (Ev) Cure Daze (Ev) Cure Fear (Ev) Cure Mute (Ev) Cure Sleep (Ev)
Daze 10s (C/Ev) Detect Beast (Ev) Detect Bleeding (Ev) Detect Gwyllt (Ev) Detect Mortal (Ev) Detect Undead (Ev)
Fumble (C/Tr) Global Stop Bleed (Tr) Healing 1 (Location) (En Mindslash (C/En) Mute 10s (C/En) Protection Charm 5 minute (Tr)
Protection Daze 5 minute (Tr) Protection Fumble 5 minute (Tr) Protection Mindslash 5 minute (Tr) Protection Mute 5 minute (Tr) Protection Push 5 minute(Tr) Single Damage (location) (C/Ev)


Second Level Spells (Cost 2 Vigour)


Charm 30s Beast (C/En) Charm 30s Mortal (C/En) Cure Disease (Ev) Cure Halt (Ev) Cure Lure (Ev) Cure Rampage (Ev)
Cure Venom (Ev) Fear Beast 10s (C/En) Fear Undead 10s (C/En) Global Healing 1 (En) Halt 10s Gwyllt (C/Ev) Halt 10s Undead (C/Ev)
Protection Healing 5 minute (C/Tr) Protection Protection 5 minute (Tr) Protection Strikedown 5 minute (Tr) Rampage 10s Beast (C/En) Rampage 10s Mortal (C/En) Sleep Beast 10s (C/En)
Sleep Mortal 10s (C/En) Ward 1 (Ev)        


Third Level Spells (Cost 3 Vigour)


Charm 30s (C/En) Cure Protection (Ev) Daze 30s (C/Ev) Disease (C/En) Fear 10s (C/En) Full Healing (Location) (En)
Halt 10s (C/Ev) Lure 10s Gwyllt (C/En) Lure 10s Undead (C/En) Mute 30s (C/En) Protection Disease 5 minute (Tr) Protection Fear 5 minute (Tr)
Protection Halt 5 min (Tr) Protection Rampage 5 min (Tr) Protection Sleep 5 minute (Tr) Protection Stop Bleed 5 minute (C/Tr) Protection Through 5 minute (Tr) Protection Venom 5 minute (Tr)
Sleep 10s (C/En) Rampage 10s (C/En) Ward 2 (Ev)      


Fourth Level Spells (Cost 4 Vigour)


Halt 30s Gwyllt (C/Ev) Halt 30s Undead (C/Ev) Identify (Tr) Lure (C/En) Mass Charm 10s (C/En) Mass Cure Charm (Tr)
Mass Cure Daze (Tr) Mass Cure Mute (Tr) Mass Cure Fear (Tr) Mass Cure Sleep (Tr) Mass Daze 10s (C/Ev) Mass Fumble (C/Tr)
Mass Mute 10s (C/En) Mass Protection Charm 5 minute (Tr) Mass Protection Daze 5 minute (Tr) Mass Protection Fumble 5 minute (Tr) Mass Protection Mindslash 5 minute (Tr) Mass Protection Mute 5 minute (Tr)
Protection Execute 5 minute (Tr) Protection Lure 5 min (Tr) Protection Shatter 5 minute (Tr) Rampage 30s Beast (C/En) Rampage 30s Mortal (C/En) Ward 3 (Ev)


Fifth Level Spells (Cost 5 Vigour)


Fear 30s (C/En) Full Global Healing (En) Halt 30s (C/Ev) Mass Cure Halt (Tr) Mass Cure Lure (Tr) Mass Cure Rampage (Tr)
Mass Fear Beast 10s (C/En) Mass Fear Undead 10s (C/En) Mass Halt  Gwyllt 10s (C/Ev) Mass Halt Undead 10s (C/Ev) Mass Protection Healing 5 minute (C/Tr) Mass Protection Protection 5 minute (Tr)
Mass Protection Strikedown 5 minute (Tr) Rampage 30s (C/En) Sleep 30s (C/En)