The Path of Peace


Keyword: Path of Peace

You have sworn the Sixth Oath, the Oath of Peace. You gain an aura that makes this fact obvious to all other creatures, and will be phys repped with a white tabard. Most creatures will be reluctant to strike you or cast Spells at you unless provoked.

You may not take any Feat with the Combat keyword, and if you have any when you take this Feat they are lost and replace with Feats that do not have the Combat keyword. This includes Feats with the Species keyword. A full list of combat/non-combat Feats is provided in Appendix 1.

A Peacesworn character can’t use an item which confers the ability to cause the Damage Effect or another negative Effect.

Peacesworn characters are always immune to the Rampage Effect, and may not lose this Immunity.

Any creature that delivers the physical blow that results in a Peacesworn character dying will gain a mark to indicate this, phys repped by a red bandana or sash in an obvious place. This mark is an indelible mark on the creature’s soul, and cannot be faked.

If a Peacesworn is engaged by someone in close combat, the Non Combatant rules should be followed.

Due to the nature of this condition, Peacesworn does not cost a Feat.

In downtime, a Peacesworn character cannot use the Guard action. Instead they can use the Mediate action which is unavailable to non-Peacesworn characters.