Species Feats

Species Feats

At character creation all characters automatically get their Species Feats. You must meet the minimum phys rep of your species if there is one.

Creidhe: Golden Touch

(Requires: Character must be a Creidhe)

Keyword: Species

You may repair a shattered or otherwise destroyed weapon, shield, or item with 10s of roleplayed action. This Feat does not speed armour repair, but you may repair all armour types regardless of what you can use yourself. This includes Fathach. This Feat counts as the prerequisite for purchasing the Squire Feat.


Drakeblooded: Roar of the Dragon.

(Requires: Character must be a Drakeblooded)

Keyword: Species

You may spend 4 Vigour to generate the Mass Fear 10s Effect as per the spellcasting rules.

If you gain the Peacesworn Feat, this Feat instead gives you the ability to generate the Mass Protection Fear 5 minutes effect as per the spellcasting rules.


Fathach: Pillar of their Community

(Requires: Character must be a Fathach)

Keyword: Species

You are crafted of stone and not subject to the weaknesses of flesh. In addition to normal Healing Effects, your Body hits may be repaired by anyone who can repair heavy armour (including yourself if you can repair heavy armour), or any Vartach. This restores one Body hit for each Armour hit that would normally be repaired. For clarity, your Body and Armour hits are still separate pools.


Firetouched: Desert Born

(Requires: Character must be a Firetouched)

Keyword: Species

Your body brims with energy, and you have learned how to harness it to burn brightly. At any point you may choose to lose 1 Body hit from every location instead of paying the Vigour cost to activate any Feat or cast any Spell that you have. You may do this for any Feat or Spell you have with a base cost of 4 Vigour or less to activate. This Feat does not combine with any way of Sorcerous Schools Feats. While you may enter an unconscious or bleeding state this way, you may not use this Featif any location is already on -1. The damage is applied immediately after the Effect is generated.


Human: Human Ingenuity

(Requires: Character must be a Human)

Keyword: Species

You live up to your kind’s reputation as reckless but gifted innovators. You may use crafting materials as though they were any other materials of the same type needed for the recipe. (The four types are metal, animal, plant, and processed material – so you could use iron instead of bronze, or fang instead of dung.)

You have also innovated a Spell unique to humans- You learn the Spell “Push” and may cast it for 1 Vigour using normal spellcasting rules, though immediately take the push effect yourself.

If you gain the Peacesworn Feat, instead of learning the spell “Push” you instead learn the spell “Protection Push 5 minutes” for 1 Vigour.

Krieger: Back in the Fight

(Requires: Character must be a Krieger)

Keyword: Species

Your body craves combat and refuses to stay down even when injured. While unconscious, you may spend 3 Vigour to gain the Global Healing 1 Effect.


Leasiar: Well Travelled

(Requires: Character must be a Leasiar)

Keyword: Species

You have been all over the Five Realms in your long life, and the lessons you learned are ingrained. Take two additional Realm Feats.


Vartach: Mark of Destiny

(Requires: Character must be a Vartach)

Keyword: Species

Your brand, or lack thereof, is a guide to the destiny written in your soul. Choose any two Spells or Feats that costs 2 or more Vigour to use. This choice is permanent and cannot be changed. The chosen Spell or Feat permanently costs 1 less Vigour for you to use. When making this choice, you may choose a Spell or Feat you do not have: if so, you only gain the benefits once you acquire that Spell or Feat. This does not lower the level of the Spell, if you chose a Spell.

Very little can rewrite a soul’s destiny. But the Sixth Oath can. If a Peacesworn Vartach has chosen a Spell or Feat that is forbidden by the Sixth Oath as the target of this Feat, they must choose a new permanent target for this Feat upon taking the Sixth Oath.


Weeping: Blood Calls to Blood

(Requires: Character must be a Weeping)

Keyword: Species

The Weeping have learned how to survive; they have had to. You can generate the Global Stop Bleed Weeping Effect, which costs 0 Vigour.

Wildling: One with the Land

(Requires: Character must be a Wildling)

Keyword: Species

The beasts of the forest and field recognise the Wildlings as part of the natural cycle. You can generate the Effects Detect Beast for 1 Vigour, or Sleep Beast 10s, and Charm Beast 30s for 2 Vigour as per the normal spellcasting rules. This Feat also means you start each event with 1 additional plant and animal ingredients.

The Sixth Oath strengthens the connection of Peacesworn Wildlings to the needs of nature. The Peacesworn loses the ability to Sleep and Charm Beasts and instead gains the Spell Full Healing (Location) Beast for 1 Vigour.