Combat and Non-Combat Feats


Feats that are not underlined are non-combat Feats, Feats that are underlined are Combat Feats. Combat Feats cannot be taken by Peacesworn


Feat Name Keyword
Creidhe: Golden Touch Species
Drakeblooded: Roar of the Dragon Species
Fathach: Pillar of their Community Species
Firetouched: Desert Born Species
Human: Human Ingenuity Species
Krieger: Back in the Fight Species
Leasiar: Well Travelled Species
Vartach: Mark of Destiny Species
Weeping: Blood Calls to Blood Species
Wildling: One with the Land Species
Baol: Stubborn as a Goat Realm
Bruid: Careful Hands Realm
Draíod: Strident Voice Realm
Siabhal: Loyalty Undivided Realm
Uasa: Clarity of Focus Realm
Peacesworn Path of Peace
Armour Mastery Leather and Steel
Bandaging Leather and Steel
Complete Set Leather and Steel
Easily Maintained Leather and Steel
Hardened Leather and Steel, Resistance
Heavy Armour Leather and Steel
Light Armour Leather and Steel
Mender’s Focus Leather and Steel, Resistance
Quickened Searching Leather and Steel
Reinforced Leather and Steel
Squire Leather and Steel
Unexposed Leather and Steel, Resistance
Well Balanced Leather and Steel, Resistance
Well Oiled Leather and Steel, Resistance
Adrenaline Surge Combat, Martial Prowess
Blade of the Shaper Combat, Martial Prowess
Boot Camp Martial Prowess
Constant Vigil Martial Prowess, Resistance
Diagnostician Martial Prowess
Last Stand Combat, Martial Prowess
Heroic Loyalty Combat, Resistance, Martial Prowess
Hold the Line Martial Prowess, Resistance
Lay to Rest Combat, Martial Prowess
Mighty Blows Combat, Martial Prowess
Punishing Blows Combat, Martial Prowess
Repelling Blow Combat, Martial Prowess
Room to Breath Combat, Martial Prowess
Second Wind Martial Prowess
Shattering Strike Combat, Martial Prowess
Tripping Blow Combat, Martial Prowess
Warrior’s Heart Martial Prowess, Resistance
First Level Casting (Cannot Take Combat Tagged Spells) Power
Spellcraft (Cannot Take Combat Tagged Spells) Multiple, Power
Second Level Casting (Cannot Take Combat Tagged Spells) Power
Third Level Casting (Cannot Take Combat Tagged Spells) Power
Fourth Level Casting (Cannot Take Combat Tagged Spells) Power
Fifth Level Casting (Cannot Take Combat Tagged Spells) Power
Aggressive Solution Combat, Shadowed Blades
Blinding Fumes Combat, Shadowed Blades
Cutthroat Combat, Shadowed Blades
Dexterous Poisoner Combat, Shadowed Blades
Directed Whispers Shadowed Blades
Disarmed and Dangerous Combat, Shadowed Blades
Distilled Fragility Combat, Shadowed Blades
Distracting Strike Combat, Shadowed Blades
Dropping the Guard Combat, Shadowed Blades
Ear to the Ground Shadowed Blades
Escape Restraints Shadowed Blades
Fatal Blow Combat, Shadowed Blades
General Authority Shadowed Blades
Internal Damage Combat, Shadowed Blades
Penetrating Strike Combat, Shadowed Blades
Petrifying Potion Combat, Shadowed Blades
Puncture Combat, Shadowed Blades
Severed Artery Combat, Shadowed Blades
Shattered Focus Combat, Shadowed Blades
Silencing Strikes Combat, Shadowed Blades
Slip Strike Combat, Shadowed Blades
Volatile Substances Combat, Shadowed Blades
Well Connected Shadowed Blades
Deathproof Resistance, Sturdy Flesh
Die Hard Sturdy Flesh
Fortified Resistance Sturdy Flesh
Immutable Body Sturdy Flesh
Perfect Health Resistance, Sturdy Flesh
Plague Bearer Combat, Sturdy Flesh
Seasoned Veteran Sturdy Flesh
Steady Pace Resistance, Sturdy Flesh
Veteran Sturdy Flesh
Vigorous Multiple, Sturdy Flesh
Student Alchemist Alchemist, Crafting
Apprentice Alchemist Alchemist, Crafting
Journeyman Alchemist Alchemist, Crafting
Master Alchemist Alchemist, Crafting
Student Arcanist Arcanist, Crafting
Apprentice Arcanist Arcanist, Crafting
Journeyman Arcanist Arcanist, Crafting
Master Arcanist Arcanist, Crafting
Student Blacksmith Crafting, Forge
Apprentice Blacksmith Crafting, Forge
Journeyman Blacksmith Crafting, Forge
Master Blacksmith Crafting, Forge
Artisan Multiple, Professions
Farmer Multiple, Professions
Hunter Multiple, Professions
Merchant Multiple, Professions
Miner Multiple, Professions
Benediction of the Shaper’s Forgiveness Ritualist
Binding Ties Ritualist
Chastisement of the Traitorous Hands Punishment, Ritualist
Consult the Lost Tome Ritualist
Honour the Shaper’s Champions Ritualist
Invigoration Ritualist
Make Peace Before War Ritualist
Moon Soaked Blades Ritualist
Moonlit Vigil Ritualist
Penance of Leaden Blood Punishment, Ritualist
Quicken the Inevitable Solace Ritualist
Ritual Celebrant Multiple, Ritualist
Sever the Unbreakable Bonds Ritualist
Shaper’s Blessing On The Flock Ritualist
Solitude of Shame Punishment, Ritualist
Supreme Forgiveness Ritualist
Whisper With The Dead Ritualist
Alchemy Lore Scholar
Five Realms Lore Scholar
Magic Lore Scholar
Religion Lore Scholar
Smithing Lore Scholar
Be the Change You Want to See Sorcerous Schools
Do Unto Others Combat, Sorcerous Schools
Enchanting Chain Sorcerous Schools
Evocative Chain Sorcerous Schools
Evocative Ward Sorcerous Schools
Inclusive Casting Sorcerous Schools
Oathbound Sorcerous Schools
Physician Heal Thyself Sorcerous Schools