Characters in Five Oaths are capable of amazing things. The power imbued in the gallóglaigh by the Five Oaths allows them to outstrip other mortals in most pursuits. The abilities of each character are defined by the Feats chosen for them by their player.

Each Feat taken by a character makes them more powerful. At character creation, a character may choose one Species Feat, one Realm Feat and nine Feats from the Ways. Species and Realm Feats are restricted to members of that Species and natives of that Realm, with the exception of Weeping, but Feats from the Open Feats list are available to most characters so long as they meet the requirements. At character creation a character may only take up to three Feats from one of the Ways.

Many Feats have requirements, meaning that a character must have already learned Feats that have a particular keyword in order to learn that Feat. For example, the Blade of the Shaper Feat requires a character to have learned 3 Feats with the Martial Prowess keyword before they can learn it.

Feats can have the following keywords:

Alchemist – These Feats teach the alchemical arts.

Arcanist – These Feats teach the schematics of the arcanist.

Combat – These Feats cannot be learned by a Peacesworn.

Forge– These Feats teach the lessons of the forge.

Leather and Steel – These Feats teach techniques for protecting yourself with armour.

Martial Prowess – These Feats teach techniques for fierce warriors.

Multiple – These Feats can be taken multiple times.

Path of Peace – These Feats can only be learned by those who have sworn the Sixth Oath and dedicated themselves to a peaceful existence.

Path of Renewal – These Feats can only be learned by those who have died and been reborn as Weeping.

Power – These Feats teach Spells of all kinds.

Professions – These Feats teach the secrets of gathering all kinds of wealth.

Quiescent – These Feats cannot be learned by the Weeping.

Realm – These Feats can only be learned by a native of that Realm.

Referee – These Ritual Feats require the presence of a Referee. 

Resistance – These Feats grant the ability to become immune to a particular Effect.

Ritualist – These Feats teach the mysteries of the ritual circle.

Shadowed Blades – These Feats teach techniques for those less honourable or conventional.

Scholar – These Feats teach the many lores of the world.

Sorcerous Schools – These Feats teach spellcasters how to alter their casting for greater impact.

Species – These Feats can only be learned by a character of that species.

Sturdy Flesh – These Feats teach techniques for standing strong against adversity.