Reminder – Downtimes Close 25/11!

Hello Five Oaths LRP Players! A quick reminder that downtimes close this coming Saturday, at 23.59PM the 25th November. You can find a link to the downtime form in our original post here. If you have outstanding emails or queries that may affect your downtime, don’t worry: Extensions will be provided in these cases.

We’d also like to draw special attention again to the section of the form where you have the opportunity to inform the Réig’s Reckoners of what happened at the last event:

As an event team we have no way of knowing what knowledge any individual character has, so a report that simply says you tell them ‘the truth about what happened’ mechanically means you give them no information, because we as a team don’t know what you in particular think happened.

Additionally, what the player party thinks they know to be the truth may not always match what the event team know to be the truth. If there is anything you wish to report, please provide specific details. If you’d like to opt out, feel free to leave it blank, or direct them to the Information Officer, Rumann MacUltan.