Regarding Officer Appointments, and the Wizard at Arms

To provide clarity on officer appointments:

In general, if an officer position is empty at the end of an event, a replacement will be appointed by the Thane before the start of the next event. The appointee will be chosen by the event team based on the Thane’s IC consultation with player characters, with some OOC oversight for general game-health purposes as mentioned in the original officers announcement. This is how the Watch Officer and Master of the Camp positions were recently filled. If any character believes an incumbent officer should be replaced, either by themselves or someone else, they should make the case for their removal to their bandmates and to the Thane during uptime.

The replacement of incumbent officers is what was intended to be addressed by the original announcement, it failed to account for character deaths. During the current downtime the Thane will be appointing a new Thane’s Lieutenant and a new Wizard-at-Arms, as well as filling any gaps created by those appointments.

Although the Wizard-at-Arms position wasn’t strictly speaking empty at the end of the last game, we’re choosing to fill it during downtime so that the new appointee can hit the ground running at the next game. We intend these procedures to be flexible and responsive to the situation rather than rigidly prescriptive.

We are collecting IC opinions on the Wizard-at-Arms appointment here, the form will close at 23.59pm, November 25th, along with Downtimes, which will close at the same time.

This kind of survey is intended to help us form the Thane’s understanding of the mood and opinion of the band. It is not a binding vote and both RP and OOC factors are taken into account in using the information.