One Week Until A Season of Scrutiny!

As the event time writes, prints, plans and plots, we are just over a week away from our first event of 2024- A Season of Scrutiny. We’ve prepared a few announcements, notifications and clarifications for our playerbase- None of these are big enough for their own email or blog post, so we’ve bundled them together here in this post.

New Officers!

The Thane has seen fit to appoint new officers to the Band! Some officers have died in service of the Shaper, and some have opted to honourably move on from their previous roles, leading to the following new appointees:

Thane’s Lieutenant – Sorrel

Deputy Lieutenant – Briste

Cinnire-at-Arms – Iascaire

Wizard-at-Arms – Ultan Twinspears

They will be joining the existing officers, who remain in their positions:

Watch Officer – Malartu

Reconnaissance Officer – Rumann MacUltan

Master of the Camp – Éabha

Quartermaster – Doran

Travelling to our event

If you’ve attended an event recently, you may have noticed something about our car parking area: It is crowded. We are beginning to reach the limits of what the site can support in terms of players, but we are moreso reaching a limit in what it can support with vehicles.

We’re currently exploring options to deal with this (such as nearby overflow parking) but we’d like to gently ask players to carpool, or get public transport (such as Collins’ Coach to Collon) where at all possible: We know this isn’t possible for everyone, but we’d like to try and mitigate the issue of overcrowding where at all possible.

On Characters’ Setting Knowledge and Capacity

Over time we’ve had a number of character submissions which includes characters that are of diminished mental capacity, or oblivious to the wider setting of Five Oaths. We’d like to clarify that all characters should be capable of giving informed consent, and have sworn the Oaths under such circumstances. ‘Child-like’ or characters ignorant of the wider world are not suitable for play. This especially applies to Weeping: All Weeping awaken with ‘common’ setting knowledge, and do not come into being ignorant of basic aspects of existence such as, for example ‘dinnertime’ or ‘sport’.

All characters also have a functioning knowledge of the Five Realms, Tirneach, and the Shaper: All player characters as Galloglaigh explicitly draw their power from Them, and as such are well-informed on the common beliefs of the setting (Virtues, Cinnire, the Church, The Shaper etc). Even characters not native to Tirneach have also sworn these Oaths with full knowledge of what they mean in society.

Physical Contact in Combat

We’d like to draw players’ attention to some safety rules that aren’t currently in the rulebook, but have been enforced as a best practice by most players so far. It concerns body-checking, or barging: Physically moving into another character’s personal space in order to force your way through a battle line, or make them move back.

The onus is never on someone else to get out of the way: It is your responsibility to stop moving before coming into contact with someone. If you charge a player, they are well within their rights to stand their ground and not move. Players should not find themselves physically pushing through people, nor should you ever be in a position where you are chest-to-chest with another player, yet still striking them in the back.

Guest Insurance and Tickets

Tickets remain on sale for A Season of Scrutiny! Make sure to get yours sooner rather than later.

Additionally: If you’re attending on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd event under our guest insurance policy, please reach out to us ASAP with your name, date of birth and current address to There has been a change in our insurance setup, and while you’ll still be covered at no cost, we do require this info from you. Please reach out ASAP if you have not already done so.

The Thane’s Schedule For A Season of Scrutiny

At our events, some encounters are planned out, with the players already contracted to do certain jobs, and some encounters come up over the course of play. We’re sharing the Thane’s approved schedule for this coming event ahead of time, to give players an idea what’s coming- From those passing through the Gullet, to dangerous missions, to camp visitors.