Monstering an Event – What to Expect

Hey there folks- Hope you’re getting excited for Five Oaths LRP’s return in August. In advance of ticket sales, we’ve written up a brief piece on what you’ll be doing, and what you’ll need if you choose to Monster an event instead of Play: Monster tickets are a discounted form of ticket where instead of playing a character for the weekend, you are a part of our dedicated Monster team for the weekend, playing NPCs and being a core part of our combat encounters, with reduced hours in which you can play your Player Character.

What you’ll need:

Good shoes

You’re going to be spending a lot of the day walking on fields, woodlands, and other rough terrain, fighting and running around occasionally. Make sure to bring good boots with appropriate ankle support (and a few spare pairs of socks to change out during the day!)

Base Layers

The majority of monster costuming is provided by the event team- But it’s a great idea to have a nice, plain, preferably dark base layer on that we can build off. Black/dark pants, and a dark plain t-shirt is perfect in a pinch. Plain setting-appropriate clothing (ie “fantasy”/medieval shirts, pants) is even better, but by no means necessary!

A Water Bottle/Mug/Drinking Vessel

Due to covid, we won’t be passing around bottles of water for both players and monsters: make sure to have a canteen or water bottle on you that we can refill for you throughout the weekend. Hydrate, don’t die-drate.

Camping gear

Accommodation is not provided- So standard camping gear (tent, roll mat, sleeping bag) is needed, much like if you were playing the game.

A can-do attitude

Monstering lets you try out all kinds of playstyles that you may not get a chance to do when in-character. Our encounters can let you play dramatic villains, ravening beasts, roaming traders or sneaky undead, allowing you to test out roleplaying in a quickfire, lower-stakes setting than bringing something in as a full character.


Monstering often involves makeup to get you to appear as a non-Human species, from facepaint to the occasionall stick-on prosthetic or mask. A layer of moisturiser underneath facepaint makes it far easier to take off and put on, and keeps your skin protected across the weekend.

What you’ll be doing:

Playing Monsters and NPCs

This is the core part of monstering: We provide you with the stats, info, and costuming for a given monster or NPC, and send you out as part of one of our encounters. This can range from a mindless beast, out there to give our players a good fight in the woods, to a social encounter sent into the player camp. We try to tailor our monster roles to our players, so if you want to only get some cardio in and fight all weekend long, or prefer to play talky NPCs, we’ll do our best to facilitate that for you. Time-in (ie, time in which plot is happening and we need monsters) generally lasts from 10am to midnight, with regular breaks for lunch, dinner, etc.

These encounters will generally go out in “slots” or “encounters”. For example, in a single 2-hour Monstering Slot you’ll likely play a single monster under the control of a referee. You’ll be walked through the encounter, your stats, and your background in the monster room, then given your makeup and any costuming from ourselves, and then armed and sent out into the field.

Spending Some Time In Character

All of our monsters are entitled to some time in the field as a character, rather than as a monster. All of our players do some monstering over the weekend, so our monsters get the reverse- They get a bit of time to go into the IC camp as their characters and get some experience on the other side of the fights and encounters as a “break”. As such, we ask that our monsters have a basic character that can be brought into play.

Gaining XP

If you purchase a monster ticket, you will obtain 1 Experience Point- The exact same amount you get for playing. This can be put towards any existing character you may have, or future characters if you choose to return in a future event.

What you won’t be doing:

Non-Monster Work

You’re playing our NPCs and Monsters, but you’re not site “crew”: You won’t be required to do any other work like site cleaning, event setup/teardown, etc (Unless you really really want to pitch in and help out, which is always appreciated)

Writing Plot/Refereeing Encounters:

The plot lies entirely in the hands of the event team and referees (the people in hi-vis vests). You won’t be required to come up with monster stats, or plan out encounters: That’s all handled by the event team beforehand.


Discounted Ticket Price

Monstering tickets generally run at a heavy discount as you’ll be unable to play your character for the majority of the event. We can’t announce definite prices now for our August event, but we can promise reduced prices for our monster team.

Rules Experience

The best way to learn the rules system is to get in there and use it. This can be done through playing the game, or by monstering- The stats for our monsters vary extensively, so by the end of the weekend you’ll likely have given or taken every type of spell, damage, or roleplay effect.

A Low-Stakes Entry to the Game

If you’re nervous about making a character and diving straight into the world of Five Oaths, monstering is a great way to try out the game: We literally tell you what you’ll be playing for most of the weekend, and you’ll still get some time to try things out from an in-character point of view.