Five Oaths Returns! 2024 Event Dates

We’re delighted to confirm our event calendar for the 2024 LARP season- We know a lot of you have been incredibly patient, but we recognise that people need to book annual leave and other holidays. As such, we can confirm Five Oaths Events will be running on the following weekends in 2024:

April 12-14
July 5-7
September 6-8

Where will the events take place?

We will be in Collon Scout Camp, Co. Louth: We explored several alternative sites over the Winter, but none panned out. As such, we will be hosting our events in Collon Scout Camp once again in 2024. All events will be full camping events.

Will I need insurance?

Yes. We will be going live with insurance signup in the coming weeks. Note that insurance is only needed if you have attended 3 or more Five Oaths events since 2022. Your first three events’ insurance are covered as guests of the game.

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