Five Oaths Insurance Signups Now Open!

Update May 2024: We are now using a new insurance provider! The below forms are no longer being monitored, but in summary our guest insurance policy remains and you can get insured by contacting!

Hey there folks- Time is ticking, and the 2024 larp season is on its way! As such, it’s time to talk insurance.

LARPs require insurance to run, and in today’s insurance landscape it’s increasingly difficult to find cover for a full event, as such we’re continuing to work with Country Sports Ireland, our insurer who offers individual larp insurance. This insurance will cover you for a number of other non-larp activities as well, and will last for one year.

If you are resident in The Republic of Ireland, insurance costs 50 Euro. If you are resident in Northern Ireland, insurance costs 25 GBP. We are aware that this is somewhat of a ‘discount’ on the insurance if we converted everything into euros, but this difference has been set by the insurance company itself, and we are limited in what we can change.

Country Sports Ireland remains the best option for insurance, and we ask that all those attending events this year who require it obtain cover through us instead of seeking out alternative personal insurance.

Do I Need Insurance?

If you have attended three or more Five Oaths events since our return in late 2022, you will need insurance to attend our weekend events. If you have previously been insured with us, and your insurance has expired, you will need to purchase new insurance.

You do not need insurance if you have attended fewer than three events with us. You will be covered as a guest of the game for your first three events with us as a Player or a Monster.

How do I get insured?

The process is simple: Fill out the relevant form below, which will walk you through all the details you’ll need. You’ll find a Paypal link within that’ll allow you to send us your insurance payments. We strongly recommend that you be honest in your address, and register under the region you are resident in, otherwise we cannot guarantee that you will be insured.

We will be accepting insurance payments through March 29th, 2 weeks before event 1. After this, we cannot guarantee the insurance will be processed by our provider, though we will try our best to work around any late entries- If you are unsure you’ll be able to pay by then, or if you have any questions at all, email us at

Remember: If this is your first, second, or third game with us, you do not require insurance. You will be covered as a guest of the game, and will only be required to purchase insurance after this.

What’s Next?

Tickets for our next event are on sale This wednesday, 7 February! Stay tuned for more info.