Five Oaths

Downtimes Now Open and Spring 2023 Event Blurb!

We’re delighted to announce that Downtimes are now open in advance of our next event, A Season of Smiling. Downtimes let you describe what your character does between games- Be it travelling, earning money, or making items.

Downtimes Can Be Submitted Here

All characters submitting a downtime must have completed their restat first. All characters must submit a restat, given the changes to Species Feats. Downtimes and restats will remain open until 23.59 16th April 2023.

Also: We’d like to announce the setting and blurb for the upcoming event- Tickets on sale soon!

A Season of Smiling

Since the Season of Uncertainty rumours have flown from Bruid about a new monster terrorising the land, known only as “The Smiling Gwyllt.” Few have managed to escape it. It is said this gwyllt’s foul appetite leaves behind no trace of its victims.

In a Realm already known for its many dangers, the Smiling Gwyllt has managed to surpass all others. Many folk are afraid to venture beyond the walls of their settlements and all contact has been lost with more remote villages.

What force could be equal to the task of driving off such a monster?

Rider Donaron hopes the answer to that question is Cumhact na Réige, the Gallóglaigh currently setting up camp outside of Trágráig.

And if they aren’t, well, there are plenty of other bands in Tirneach hungry for pingin and glory…