Five Oaths

Downtimes Are Now Open / Winter Interlude Update!

Downtimes are now open for the Autumn ’23 -> Spring 24 game period! They will remain open until 23.59pm, November 25th, 2023. We’re aware that a player-run social will be taking place November 11th, and as such have allowed for plenty of time post-social for scheming, planning and transferring crafting ingredients. If you wish to correct your downtime, simply submit the form again: We will use the most recent submission for your character as the ‘true’ downtime.

You can find the Downtime Form Right here.

This downtime will begin in Preab’s Bay in Siabhal: This allows for the Analyze;  Gather; Research and Scout actions. If you wish to take any other actions, you will need to use a Travel action. If you need to know where to go, make sure to check out the ‘Known Locations’ tab on your character sheet in the player database. Transfers will also remain open during this period: You can transfer items or money to other characters in the Inventory tab of your character sheet.

There are also some additional questions unique to this downtime in the form: As you have ventured into the Shaper’s Steps (and outside of Tirneach) and suffered the loss of the Thane’s Lieutenant in the process, the Réig’s Reckoners and the Thane is seeking information on what happened on the Steps, and suitable replacements for the position of Lieutenant respectively.

The Winter Break

It’s been a hard but rewarding year for all of us in the Event team: That said, if we don’t take a break, we’ll probably end up unionising against ourselves. As such, several members of the team are taking the month of September off, and we may be somewhat limited in our ability to respond to queries over September. We have an extra-long downtime period to allow for this, so if you don’t get a quick answer to your queries or character approval, don’t fear! All queries will get sorted before downtimes close out.

Wanted: Treasurer

Five Oaths is on the lookout for someone to manage the financial side of the club going forwards into 2024. If you’d be interested in filling this role, take a read at our breakdown of what it entails: Treasurer Job Specification