A Season of Smiling: Downtimes, Feedback, and Our Next Event

Hey there folks: We’re all recovering from a great week spent out at our last event, A Season of Smiling. We tried out a lot of new things, and brought back more old ones, so we’re looking for your feedback on the event. If you have a few spare moments, we’d love to hear your thoughts- You can find the feedback form right here. Any feedback at all is appreciated, on any aspect of the event.

Downtimes continue to be open, and will remain open until 26th May, 23.59. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@fiveoaths.com. If you’re waiting on a response to an existing issue, bear with us- We’ve had a bunch of queries after the event, and are slowly but steadily working our way through them!

Thanks for taking part, and hoping to see you at our next event: A Season of Graves, on June 30-July 2nd. Tickets on sale soon!