A Season of Recovery – Deadlines and Tickets

As the event team works on encounters, downtimes and more for event 2 of 2024, we have a few announcements to make- Namely, deadlines for the coming event.


Tickets will remain on sale until 23.59pm, Monday 1st July! Tickets are onsale now right here on Eventbrite! If you are not in a position to pay at the time of the tickets closing, please email us at info@fiveoaths.com.

New Characters

New character submissions will close at 23:59 on Friday June 28th.

Additionally: If you feel your character backstory has bits that don’t neatly conform to the setting standard, or you aren’t sure if they do, then you should submit earlier than that so we have time to work with you to get your character approved. Characters can be built and submitted via the character database app.


All players must be insured for the coming event! If this is your first, second, or third event with us, your insurance is covered by the game as a new player benefit. However, if you are attending your fourth or later event you’ll need insurance via Country Cover Club. Five Oaths currently has a discounted rate with CC3, just email us at info@fiveoaths.com to avail of it.