Five Oaths

A Season of Graves Feedback, Downtimes and More!

Event 5 Feedback

We’re always looking to improve our events, so we’d love to hear about your experiences at the weekend if you attended A Season of Graves. As such, we’ve got a Feedback Form here that we’d appreciate you filling out. Don’t be afraid to fill as much or as little of the form out as you like: It all helps!

You can find the feedback form right here!

Additionally: By attending this event, all characters have gained 1XP! Feel free to log into the database and spend it on your character. If you have attended this event as a monster, or without a character, or if your character has died this event, any future characters will gain the experience point. Just let us know at character creation via and we’ll be happy to add on the retroactive XP.


Downtimes are now open, and we’ve made some changes to Transfers! You will note in the downtime form that there is no section for item and resource transfers: Item transfers can now be done by players in their own time in the player database! Just open the ‘Inventory’ tab in your Character record, and you can send items, materials, and money to any other Alive character. Transfers will remain open until downtimes close and will reopen again after downtimes are processed.

We’ll be going quiet for the rest of the week so we can rest up a little before getting back to work on A Season of Grief (coming your way 11 August!), so if your player inventory has issues or you have queries about downtime, feel free to email us! There just may be a slight delay as we rest up and take a quick break, but all queries will be resolved before downtimes closed, and extensions granted where necessary.

Downtimes will close at 23.59, Friday the 14th of July! 

You can find the downtime form right here.