Field Rules

Here are the links to our Field Rules.

The Player’s Handbook (Updated 23/07/19) – This contains all four Chapters and the Appendices.

Chapter One: Welcome to Five Oaths (Updated 23/07/19) – This is mostly aimed at new players and gives an overview of LRP and Five Oaths.

Chapter Two: Character Creation (Updated 16/07/19) – This contains steps for character creation and rules about how characters will advance.

Chapter Three: Game Rules (Updated 16/07/19) – This contains rules for combat, character interaction, equipment and other game mechanics.

Chapter Four: Feats (Updated 16/07/19) – This is a list of all the Feats which characters can learn in Five Oaths.

Appendices (Updated 23/07/19) – These are lists of Feats which serve as a reference for character creation. The Appendices also contain crafting recipes.



  • Added downtime rules to Chapter 3.
  • Changed Feats in Chapter 4 to reflect downtime rules.
  • Added Appendix 6: Sample Characters.
  • Cleaned up typos.


  • Added Code of Conduct as Appendix 7.