About the Game

Five Oaths is a planned ongoing combat LARP set in the world of the Five Realms, which will begin in Summer 2019.

What is an ongoing combat LRP?

In Combat LRP (Live action Roleplay), also called Rubbersword LRP, you create a character with their own personality and history and act as them in a world created and run by the Event Team. “Ongoing” means that you taking part in a world that will persist from event to event. The Event Team will create plots and encounters for the players to experience at events, and react to what the players do to tell a story (which we hope you will enjoy)!

LRP differs from tabletop and other role playing games in that you actually costume to represent your character, and act out their actions, and portray them, in a manner that can be compared to improv theatre.

Combat LRP differs again from other forms of live action roleplaying in that while there are some combat stats, you actually engage in combat with other people (in a safe manner with latex weapons!) and hit them with LRP safe weapons, as opposed to simply narrating your actions, or rolling dice.

While our system has some stats for health, combat, magic and other effects, it is largely skill based. If you can hit someone with a sword, you can hit them. If you can sing, you can sing. If you can give a rousing speech that persuades people to follow you, you can persuade people to follow you. Your character’s skills are largely provided by what you, the player who physically represents (phys-reps) them, can do.

We are aware that some people really like the idea of an immersive roleplay experience but can’t take part in the combat element. Within our setting and system we will be making provision for non-combatant participants, and we will have more details on that as things develop. Meanwhile check out the description of the Peace-sworn in “About the Setting” for some idea of what’s to come.

What is the plan?

We plan to start running Five Oaths in Summer 2019. Our aim is to have 3-4 events per year, which will take place on a weekend in a variety of locations throughout Ireland. At an event, you can expect to have a main reason for your characters to be at the imagined location, as well as many other opportunities to explore the world and meet weird and wonderful characters. “The Setting” page on this website will give you an idea of what to expect.

Players will purchase tickets for the event and portray their character for a weekend, while also portraying “monster” (non-player) characters at timed slots throughout the weekend to provide something for their fellow players to interact with.

Right now the game is still in development, we are working away on the world, the rules set, player code of conduct, and the logistics of running a large-scale project like Five Oaths. In the blog on the front page of this website you can check in for updates and tidbits about what’s being developed right now. You can also check out the “Meet the Team” page to learn more about who we are and how excited we are about sharing our world with you next year!

You can help us by liking and sharing our page on Facebook, following us on Twitter, sharing your enthusiasm with us on our forum and generally telling your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone you meet about Five Oaths.

I have loads more questions, how do I ask them?

We (the Event Team) are glad to answer any and all questions, and there’s a couple of ways to do it.

We have provided a forum for all your questions right here. You will need to register your account, then you can ask anything that comes to mind. Many aspects of the game are still under development so we can’t guarantee to have an answer right away, but we will check the forum regularly and let you know what’s happening when it happens.

You can also send an email to eoin@fiveoaths.com. This will put you in touch with Eoin, our Public Relations Officer, who will get in touch to help you with your query.

Got more questions? Head on over to our forum and ask away!