Want to change your character? Let us know

If you played your character in our Summer 19 event, we are offering the chance for you to change things around. This will be offered to all players after their first game in the future.

We have been asked if there will be a chance to change characters after they are played. We have decided to offer each player a chance to make a change to their character’s Feats after they have played that character for the first time. If you would like to avail of this opportunity please make a comment on your character page on the Player Database.

This is subject to some conditions:

  • You may change any of the 9 Open Feats you took at character creation.
  • You may not change your Species or Realm Feats. These are integral to the identity of the character. If you want to change these, we suggest instead that you retire your character and start again with a new one.
  • It will be possible to get starting items for any new Crafting Feats you take, however if you already had a Crafting Feat before you changed your character you will not get the starting item for that Feat again.
  • The Peacesworn status will not be possible to remove through this process.

The deadline for requesting this change is 23:59 on Wednesday the 11th of September.