Downtime Submission Now Open – Deadline 23:59 Tuesday 10/9/19

We are now opening downtime submission, with a deadline of 23:59 on Tuesday 10th of September. As the downtime section of our Player Database is still under development we are facilitating downtime submission via Google Form.

Follow this link to the Google Form to submit your downtime.

You should have received a comment on your character profile on the Player Database, listing how many coins, items and ingredients your character has. If there are any issues with this please let us know by replying to the comment on the Player Database.

The downtime form should be filled in with reference to Chapter 3 of the Player’s Handbook which lists what each action will do and what the requirements are for each. These are reproduced in short form on the Google Form itself.

All characters that attended the Summer 2019 event should now have 1 XP  which can be spent on the database to acquire another Feat. If you intend to use the new Feat during your downtime please ensure that you have purchased the correct Feat before the downtime deadline above.

You are free to communicate with other players about transferring possessions between each other or any other matter either on the Facebook group, the forum or by private communication.

Once your downtime form is submitted it will be reviewed by a member of the Event Team who will revert to you if there are any issues with it.