Summer 2019 Event Wrap-Up

We ran our first event last weekend, and we had a great time. We hope you did too, and want to hear your feedback!

“A Season of Loyalty” took place at Collon Scout Camp from the 26th-28th of July, and we had over 70 participants. We are blown away by the enthusiasm of the players, and so thankful for all the help and encouragement we received in the run-up to and during our first event. Thank you to everyone who attended, and who helped to make the first event a success.

We can’t rest on our laurels just yet of course, with the Autumn 2019 Event just around the corner. We would like your help in preparing for the next event, and you can help in a few ways:

  1. Please fill out this feedback form. You can do so anonymously if you prefer, and we won’t be collecting your email address. We want to hear any thoughts you have about the event, positive and negative. We do ask that you are constructive in your feedback; be as specific as possible about what you did or didn’t like. We will use this feedback to improve how we do things for the next and future events. A text version of this form is available here, but all feedback must be submitted through the Google form link above.
  2. Please express your interest in attending the Autumn event. The most straightforward way to do that is by purchasing a ticket, which you can do by following the link on our Event Ticket page. You can also say you’re attending by using the Facebook event page, which is here.

We are working to get our player database ready for downtime submission and character advancement.

If you have a question about your character, or would like to start playing Five Oaths in September and want to know how, please either ask your question on our forum or email us at

Many thanks!

Five Oaths Event Team